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2024. 27-year old mechanic Mick is sent to maintain one of the country’s many Hives. These enormous, completely sterile buildings provide a living and workspace for people whose malfunctioning immune systems make a life in the polluted outside world impossible.

While Mick is working on the glass façade, his presumed dead girlfriend from childhood, Lilia, appears behind the massive panorama window. Long forgotten feelings come back. Although divided by the inpenetrable glass Mick and Lilia find happiness like never before...

...until Lilia’s best friend mysteriously disappears. Mick discovers the Hive’s dreadful inhuman secret and is left with no choice but to rescue Lilia. But breaking into the Hive’s carefully balanced system will put Lilia’s life in great danger. Taking her out would mean killing her.

And yet – in a world where everything is ruled by cold technology, life itself may be the only thing you ultimately cannot lose.