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A selection of Germany’s leading TV- and Film magazines’ reviews:

“Visually stunning vision of the future from a new German’s talent.“

Funkuhr (3 out of 4 points / good / Film Tip)

“Humorous, with clichés playing screenplay, terrifically filmed: a very intelligent directional debut.“

TV Today (4 out of 4 points / excellent)

“Visually breathtaking, thrilling vision of the future.“

Hörzu (3 out of 4 points / good / Film Tip)

“...succeeded in doing a brilliant genre film that can easily compete with Hollywood productions.“

TVTV (Film Tip)


TV Direkt (3 out of 3 points / highly recommended)

“Visually phenomenal vision of the cold day after tomorrow.“

TV Spielfilm (4 out of 4 points / great)