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Wilderness. Far from civilization. Leaving his sleeping, unsuspecting girlfriend Sarah, 23, behind in his car, Jonathan, 25, sneaks his way to an old abandoned military camp. At the graves of his six best friends, who died 15 years ago, memories of the fateful night come to life again.

The children, all aged around 11, had embarked on an adventure trip to the old military camp where they, dressed in costumes, re-enacted the battle of the knights of the round table against the musketeers. Hovering over Jonathan was Lina, his girlfriend back then .

But what had started as a harmless game suddenly turned into a fight for life or death as one child after the other mysteriously disappeared - including Lina. Shocked Jonathan realized that something cruel and powerful was protecting its territory from the intruders. At all costs.

Now Jonathan, the only survivor, must confront the inevitable horror one last time to not lose his great love again like he did 15 years ago.